Any good tips for drawing faces/facial features?

I was wondering if anyone has any good tips on how to draw human faces or facial features, no matter how many times I try when I’m drawing the eyes they are never the same size and are not lined up equaly, also lips are the same, I draw one side of the lips then when I draw the other side its always the wrong lengh or not the right thickness or on the same level. Anyone have any good tips on how to draw a basic face and shading help would be good to. Thanks x

Answer #1

You should also start by drawing an oval shape for the head and then divide it into three equal parts (forehead, eyes-nose, mouth-chin). People usually start from the eyes and then go on this can cause disproportion also you should always give lots of room to the forehead and chin (most people make too small). Oh and practice makes perfect (you should see some of Picasso’s earlier drawings!) Good luck :-)

Answer #2

Ok well if your doing a portrait of a real person, their eyes are never equal. Neither are the lips so you just need to copy of a photo or something.

And when you are doing the nose, you know the lines that go from your eyebrows to your nose well they are’nt real lines, you have to use shading to do those. xx

Answer #3

Great advice zorbot ^^ Thank you x

Answer #4

Thanks for the tip :) x

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