What age can you change your legal/birth name?

I just wanna know what age can you change your name because I hate my name it sounds like a boy name I just wanna normal I dont want some name that starts out like ray then ends with shawna it seems a little racist that my parents named me that.

Rai Shauna Yvonne Martin is the name and I hate it

Answer #1

well my name also sounds like a male’s name because well I was named after one…(im female btw) I learned to love it since it’s who I am. I just have people call me by another more feminine name such as michelle or chelle since my real name is a masculine one…

Answer #2

You can start going by whatever name you want now, Just have all your friends call you it and let everyone know thats what you want to be called. When of legal age (if you are not) change it to the name everyone is already calling you.

Answer #3

if your under 16 you will need parents consent

after that its just deed poll

Answer #4

18 or 21

Answer #5

You can change it at any age with your parents consent.

Answer #6


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