What are some fun things to do with 3 year old boys?

ok I am babysitting this little boy over the summer and he is always bored I don't know what to do with him I don't have a lot of money to go and buy him things so I need some things that we can do around the house

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me and my 3 year old little boy love to go outside and play in his kiddie pool, pull his wagon around picking up "treasures" and pulling them around, and we make up silly songs and sing them while we are busting out laughing. he also loves to swing and slide at the park.

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make homeade playdough out of peanut butter. it takes a while to make so that will keep him busy. then give himtime time to play. also tell him he can eat some as a reward to say cleaning his room behaving nicely. his parents will be happy to come home to a tidy house and thrilled that their little boy had such a great day

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take him to the park pretend to be diffrent animals chace him areund pretending you are going to eat him play with baloons make arts and crafts let him help you cook lunch some times play with random things and make a game out of it. hope that helped that is some of the things I do with little kids around that age

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well I dont babysit but I know they like blocks,tv,ummm... trains puzzles video games he will love all the things listed... bye.

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I have a 3 year old brother and he loves it outside, reading books, asking questions, I spy, hide and go seek, just stuff to keep him busy, capes, Bible stories he loves to be read to, paint on the comp. coloring books, baking, and lots of other stuff just ask him what he likes and try to have as much fun as possible but not too much tv or he won't want to do anything else and it will tick his parents too. hope that helps :)

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3 is a really awkward age. It's really important you keep him from getting bored cause as soon as he does he'll misbehave.
Reading to him is usually nice.
Just generally playings games and stuff with him.
Find out what he likes to do.
Look on the interenet or newspapers for free events and take him there.
&& if that fails find him something he likes watching on telly.

I have to look after my niece everday, keeping her happy really wears me out but it' fun really plus doing things together creates a real bond.

Enjoy it and I'm sure he will too.


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I put on a nursey CD and we dance in circles and touch our toes. We take turns picking what to do. Lift you right leg, arms in the air. At that age it's funny to them. NaNa

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I am not really into 3 year old boys and michael jackson is dead so I dont know maybe ask blanket?

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