What's the weirdest question you've ever heard in your life?

Answer #1

Stay on here just long enough and you won’t even have an answer for this.

Answer #2
Answer #3

I mean not just one here, I also meant real life.

Answer #4

Ill bypass all the weird questions on here and tell ones ive been asked in real life. Working at a video rental store: Do i have to rewind these dvds before i return them or do yall charge me extra to rewind them? Working at the strip club: Do ya’ll allow farm animals in this building? Just in general: Have you seen a purple dog run by here?

Answer #5


Answer #6

the purple dog is funny and weird haha

Answer #7

bloody hell its gott be them ones where the bird says: i humped a doll that my brother came on… can i get pregnant?

Answer #8

When I was teaching grade school kids (I was a tutor before) One of my girls said: Teacher, how do you like papers? I was like, huh? She said: I want it raw, it tastes good opens her mouth full of bits of paper !!!

Answer #9

Hi matty! Haha yeah, totally outrageous

Answer #10

If a monkey had sex with a grape, could they really have a Grape Ape baby?

Answer #11

one of the kids i was babysitting once said to me “i ask everybody this but do you think you are pretty?” i was like what?!?! because she was like 6

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