what is the weirdest name you have ever heard.

what is the weirdest name you have ever heard. or know of. or are you named a weird name. I don’t know. lol.

Answer #1

my names MaLynn its kinda differant and I had a friend named shino and noone knew how to say her name! lol but I still luv her :)

Answer #2

My brain is not working on names right now but my name is pretty weird. ‘’Chantria’’ very unusual. Thats why some peeps call me CiCi.

Answer #3

Tockeone pronounced toc-eee-own. She had a weird face too.

Answer #4

kaori knaki

it was going to be my cousins name.

Answer #5

zacariah. or something like that. it was strange. and then I’ve heard of bon qui qui

Answer #6

bronx mogli… pete wentz’s and ashlee simpson’s baby :P

Answer #7

I had a friend last year who was either from russia or turkey and her name was nazila.

Answer #8

bronx mogli… pete wentz’s and ashlee simpson’s baby :P

Answer #9

Rainbow… it’s true… rainbow.

Answer #10

I’ve heard a few random ones, people have called their kids his as its been on the news, but I’ve heard Fish and Chips, The Number 46 bus (think thats the number), and Talula the Girl who can Hula from Hawaii (she even took her mum to court to get it changed), and In Britain, a young guy now holds the longest name in the world which has something to do With Superman Spiderman faster than a speeding bullet etc, who comes up with this stuff haha

Answer #11

suleyka I don’t know how to spell but my aught wanted my cuzin to name his daughter that!!! poor child jajajaj nt that it matters or anything but a full-mexican-child named that and that wud cause a lot of attention jaja you would expect something like maria jaja or sandra

Answer #12

Agnesa I dont no know to say it or spell it but its something like that shes so cute tho shes my cousins daughter shes only 15 months.

Answer #13

Mitsueo Emigowa…Really not sure how to spell it, but it was the name of my sisters roommate when she was living in Japan. lol Weird, but I like it!

Answer #14

Candinisia girl who goes to my trampolining club

Answer #15

Latoyoda- Who would name their kid that?

Answer #16

climax lawrence …. and nipun

Answer #17

mike roch……… (say it together) yeah beleive it or not someone was really named that i diddnt know him but one of my friends say they did. I dunno if i beleive them but its kinda funny.

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