Weird stairs...

So, every night around 11:50pm, one stair in my house creaks. No matter how many people walk up and down the stairs a day… it always creaks around the same time. Is there a logical explanation for this?

Answer #1

The lower temperature could make the wood shrink, which makes parts loosen so they can move, then they creak.

Answer #2

Probably the temperature that changes around that time that causes the wood or whatever its made from to shift a little bit. I vaguely remember something like that from science. You’re better of asking someone who knows a bit more about that.

Answer #3

someone is sneakin downstairs for a pig out from teh fridge

Answer #4

It’s the humidity in your home it probably gets dry and cold around the same time every night. If you keep a humidifier in your home running or water boiling over your wood stove then the creaking should go away other than that there is not much you can do. Wood shrinks when its dry and expands when there is humidity which is completely normal but there are things that carpenters can do to make the creaking stop.

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