Little black hair like worms around the bath tub what are they?

I always scrub down the bath before and after I use it so its always clean. But last night I was about to jump in the bath when I saw about 3 little hairs, about half a centimetre long. I’m probably abit weird because I hate taking a bath if I see even a tiny speck on the tub, so I looked at them closely and they were moving. It looked like they were attached to the tub and moving their little tails slowly back and forth. I’ve never ever seen them before around the tub, so it could be my imagination or me worrying too much like my mum says, but could they really be bugs that look like short hairs?

Answer #1

I dont think I can help because I have never seen such a thing but in warm weather you do get more tiny flies and larvae about. Many insects like warm damp places. They could just be fluff/hairs but whatever they are they shouldnt harm you and best just to wash them down the hole. If you are paranoid get a spray cleaner and spray and rinse the bath before you use it :)

Answer #2

There’s a possibility that it’s morgellons … however, morgellons is generally found on the body - not clinging to the bathtub. If you’ve been experiencing any excessive itching, definitely see your doctor.

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