Which apartment to lease this summer?

I have a choice to make about which apartment to lease this summer. My choices have come down to a 2/2 with a sunroom on the 2nd floor, or a 2/2 on the 1st floor with upgrades (hardwood floors and wood blinds). I have a 1&1/2 year old. I would love the sun room for a play area, but I hate that we would have to battle stairs to go anywhere or come home. I am also not a fan of carpet. I am having a really hard time making a decision.

Answer #1

Hey I think if you can go with the sunroom one I think you will like that it is so nice to have a place where your little one can play I have a big deck on the front of my house it is not enclosed but it is really nice to have that spot where I can take aden to play I wish you good luck ma’am :)

Answer #2

Other factors to consider:

  • statistically, you are much more likely to get robbed on the 1st floor
  • moving is a royal pain up stairs. If you have any large items, they simply might not fit around corners going up stairs
  • walking up and down stairs is actually good for you

…good luck!

Answer #3

Hey nerd I aslo got your comment and I have hardwood through out my whole house and im really not a big fan cause OMG they have to be cleaned at least 2-3 times a week but I do have a dog and a cat and they produce a lot of hair and carpet you can just get out the vacume and bam your done with the hardwood you have to sweep then clean them I dont know if you have hardwood now if you do then you know they do have their bennifits cause carpet does stain and hardwood does not :)

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