Is it weird to have a big, round butt and average sized boobs?

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Nope perfectly normal, everybody's body is different. Some will have bigger breasts than butt, and vice versa, some will have little of both, or lots of both. Some of it depends on heredity. Regardless, everyone's body shape is different.

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its normal for a perfect shape girl

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I have a big round butt and good sized boobs. Lol.

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I have that problem. Huge butt, I have to look through 10 stores before I find some actual BUTT pants. But I have average sized breasts. C.
It's genes and your diet, really.

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No its normal, I have a huge butt, and I wear a B bra size, which I consider around average. Everyone is different. :)

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I laughed at this question! No it's definitely not weird! I took after my Italian roots and have a badunkadunk. My boobs are a C cup, so I don't think you have to worry about it :)

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