Do you pull weeds or spray to get rid of them?

Some people don’t mind the menial task of pulling out those pesky weeds on a regular basis. Ok, now imagine you would have to do it on almost 2 acres of land. AAARRRGGGHHH I myself do use Roundup on certain spots on our land to minimize the extra work.

Are ya a weed puller or sprayer?

Answer #1

Well, having nearly the same amount of land I know what you’re going through. Take a deep breath first off. O.k. I gather you have a lawn tractor? If so, it makes this task a bit easier. A pull behind spayer will help too.

Spray the lawn in the criss cross pattern. Left to right. Then up and down. In early spring before weeds start growing Airate the yard. Walk behind units are cheap to rent and easy to use. Next seed the areas worst affected. Over seeding will crowd out weeds. Scotts puts out a great all around fertilizer/weed killer follow the packaging directions exactly! Watering is a big problem on a cistern or a well so when you can do it sparingly. Repeat this on stubborn areas. Just before fall rains come. Get the Airator again and do it again. Reseed again the same way.

Yes it is a bit costly to get the yard under control but you will get the rewards almost immediately. The airation process loosens the soil so nutrients goes down in as will the seeds to germinate. Hope it helps..

Answer #2

If I were you I would make it as a work-out lol! I would pull them out then clean up the area and then spray it… so it won’t grow out strong, anymore..

Answer #3


I pull weeds out when I clean up around the house because I feel like it’s somehow healthier than spraying chemicals. Of course, I don’t have anywhere NEAR that amount of land here in South Florida! If I did, I might swallow my doubts and go for the spray!

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