weed test

im 16, 145, and 5’4. I smoked a gram of chrnic and I mit have to take a test in a week, I work out some times and drink 3 bottles of water a day, what is anither way I can lose the THC lvl in my system

Answer #1

if you smoked a whole gram by yourself it will take longer than 10days

Answer #2

I highly doubt it - If you’re a regular user it can take months to completely clear your system, if you don’t smoke it often then it might be gone in 10 days (after use).

Answer #3

you shouldn’t have done it. you just have to wait it out.:( 16… this world is so sad now.

Answer #4

I don’t know, why you gettin tested? But you roll like that…nice! One of my best friends was arrested at school for doing weed and keeping it in her locker, (not so bright idea) She’s out now, btw.
I don’t know, sorry I couldn’t make things simpler!

Answer #5

Only a week away… I deffinatly would not have done that Better hope that test dosent cause some major consequences for you

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