What's the difference between weed and marijuana?

Answer #1

They’re the same thing. Weed is just another name for marajuana. I think there’s an oldies song out there that sings about it, lol. They sing about a “girl” named Mary Jane. It’s funny.

Answer #2

same stuff , different name, however there are different types of it- -stress -chronic -cush -hydro -red dragon …and so on :)

Answer #3

Marijuana has many different names.Some depend on the type of Marijuana;Where its grown,How long its grown,conditions its grown in,ect can all change the name. Common names are;; Weed,Pot,Reefer,Ganja,Doobie,Chronic,BOOM,Maryjane,Aunt Mary,ect. Some have certain names that go with their type,though.For example,id you smoke Purple Haze,your smoking a type of marijuana that creates purple smoke.

Answer #4

lol there is no difference. marijuana is called many different things such as weed, ace, Aunt Mary, black bart, blunt, boom, chronic, doobee, dope, ganja, golden leaf, GOM (Good Old Marijuana), grass, hash, haze, herb, hemp, hydrophonic, jay, kif, leaf, Mary Jane, nail, northern lights, pot, Queen Ann’s Lace, ragweed, reefer, sinsemilla, and weed.

Answer #5

they’re the same thing. weed marjuana maryjane pot chronic kinebud etc…

Answer #6

other names for it grass weed pot maryjane aunt mary dope canabis reefer hash herb skunk


Answer #7

there are a total of 641 names for marijuana

Answer #8

Marajuana has 9 letters and 4 A’s, however weed has 4 letters and 2 E’s… There’s your differance.

Answer #9

it can also be called maryjane

Answer #10

Marajuana is the technical term for the actual plant. Weed is a slang term for marajuana.

Answer #11

They are the same thing, just different words.

Answer #12

its is the same thing.

Answer #13

uhmm its the same exact name just diffrent word you can also call it mary jane, hash

all sorts of sh!t

Answer #14

Nothing at all.

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