Medical marijuana?

do you know what illnesses require medical marijuana? and how is it different than regular weed?

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As far as I know, it's not different other than the fact that you will know that the source is safe, no other addatives and such. I know a cancer sufferer who uses it to control pain and increase appetite

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Illnesses that cause constant pain is a pretty common reason to get medical marijuana. There is no brand of medical marijuana, it is just normal weed that they are legally allowed to sell. Although typically they do have higher end marijuana.


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There is a extreme list. It depends on your state. Depression, eating disorders, MS, Cancer, Chronic back pain, arthritis, insomnia, AIDS... The list is long. In some states you are required to have a condition for 3 years before being applicable for it. The differance is that Medical marijuana is measured and precicely grown accordingly to certian THC percentage levels. Then you buy the strain of Cannibis that corresponds with your condition with what level of nessisary THC. Its all "medically" grown, so you can guarentee it isnt laced with crack or LSD, and you dont have to just go by what your dealer says it is, you actually have medical referances. Its like buying home rolled cigs and people telling you there is Camel Tobacco inside, or buying it from the store and KNOWING there is Camel Tobacco in your cigs.

Have you tried marijuana and do you think it's that bad?

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