How do i use my web cam?

i have an acer laptop the little ones... thats all i know but i got it used so i dont have the manual of how it shows u where everything is.

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it depends on if its in ur laptop or a normale webcam

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First plug it into the computer, if it doesn't get detected properly, then you'll need to install the driver (from the acer website, or via windows update).

Then start the software you want to use with it (skype or what not) and use the "cam" button on the software to see if it gets's fairly straightforward, no matter what the brand of cam you have is.

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I have an Acer netbook too (I'm assuming that's what you mean, by "little one")...Go into "My Computer" and you'll see the icon to start it up right there.

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o ok i found it thank you

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