Why is it web cam's only work for a certain type of windows?

i had a web cam from another computer i had but now i have windows vista and i guess it doesn’t work on this one so i guess my only choice now is to buy a new one??

Answer #1

Because the software for the camera needs to be compatible with the operating system that you’re using. If the camera was one that only has software and drivers for windows 98 or XP and you have a Vista, unless the manufactures’ website has some drivers for updated operating systems, the only option would be to buy something new. It stinks, but that’s how it seems to work these days. D:

Answer #2

windows sucks that why. Get a mac

Answer #3

name and model number of teh can and is it vista 32bit or 64bit?

Answer #4

Every software you buy always lists the requirements needed when installing onto the computer. If your computer doesn’t have one of the requirements, look for a different software that is similar to that one but fits your computers needs.

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