Can you wear swarovski jewellery in the bath or shower?

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Why would you wear anything in the shower or bath, but a smile.

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My necklace means a lot to me, and I don't like taking it off incase I forget to put it back on, so just the necklace and a smile for me :)

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my sister has the bracelet and she said now its best not to and dont put on purfume on it :)

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The chain should be pretty good quality with an expensive brand like that, so should not be affeacted, but in my mind it is always better safe than sorry. I have a necklace I wear every day too and do not like to take it off, but I do to shower as it just means it stays safe and beautiful. I would rather be without it for 20 mins and keep it nice than risk something happening.

Just put the necklace on top of your hairbrush or on your bed with the clothes you want to wear that day when you take it off and you will remember to put it back on again :)

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Ok, I understand, I always take my watch off though and it was my 10 year anniversary present.

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