Shaving down there to wear a cute bathing suit going to camp and this year they only allow us to wear one pieces so I went to old navy to find one and it was so cute but it showed that area down there like how it shows on that model.. I want to remove that hair thats down there but I dont know whether using nair would be better or if I do shave it how to do it so that I dont get rasor bumps or burn or itchiness and that it looks good.. I cant get it waxed because im 15 and my mom aint going for that... What do I do??...

♥ please help

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waxing is SOO anoying! my sister is training a beauty therapist, and she is really good.. but the wax-ness is just too sensitive.. though I have never tried shaving down there.. because I always though it could grow back too thick and itch.

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I shave there. just make sure if is wet and there is a good amount of shaving cream and don't push too hard and you should be okay.

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Use a razor nair hurts down there.

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trust me! wax it... shaving will leave stubble and grow back quickly
but leave a bit of hair
bald is not hot

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I find it's best to shave after a bath, because it gives the hair time to soften up.
Use a SHARP, NEW razor.
Put shaving cream on. Not soap. Shaving cream.
Leave the shaving cream on for a minute, then shave.

Some people say to shave with the direction of hair growth, and this does minimize razor burn, but I prefer to shave against and get a closer shave.

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