What are some ways to keep my Cat clean without him taking a Bath?

I Can’t get my cat to take a shower, he starts panicing and scratches me as i put him in the tub! lol but i hate when he comes home muddy or dirty after i let him out. He’s starting to get my floor and bed dirty. Help?

Answer #1

You should be bathing him….not giving him a shower. Run the water before you bring your cat into the bathroom since the sound of running water will startle the animal. You could also try bathing him in the sink instead of the bathtub…its usually easier for smaller animals. Be gentle and get it over fast…if he still fights be sure to have someone there to help you.

Answer #2

One thing you could try is the waterless shampoo they have for cats. My sister uses this for her cats, and they’re 100% fine with it.

If you must bathe the cat, don’t fill the tub very high and don’t actually use the shower head. This scares animals, especially cats. 3 or 4 inches in the tub should be more than enough for a bath, depending on the size of the cat. Put a rubber mat in the tub, too, to insure that it doesn’t slip while you’re washing it. When you have him in there, give him some time to adjust to being in there. Talk to him. Cats are scared of running water usually, so if you could prepare a bucket or a few measuring cups with clean water to rinse, that’d be good too.

Answer #3

You can get wipes (they are like babywipes) at almost any pet store (or department store). I use them every other day on my dogs to cut down on dander. The are easy to use and a very simple way to keep you kitty clean. Also, try brushing him regularly. Brushing him will help keep him cleaner. Dirt and mud is brushed out when it is dry

Answer #4

Umm you could try those cat wipes they are always alright.

Answer #5

Cat wipes work great, but they’re really not good for getting deep dirt. For actually bathing the cat, this is what I do. First of all, dont stand over the cat. How would you like someone towering over you with water. Who knows if you’re going to drown them (from cat’s perspective). I get into the tub. I never fill it with water, because again, that tends to freak them out. I have an extendible shower head which works nicely. Quickly wet, put shampoo and scrub, and then wash off. Grab in large towel, and then throw cat away from you (well mine’s usually had it at this point, so throwing is the only way to prevent being injured). I’ve bathed a few cats this way without incident. (Ok one incident, but as long as you dont bathe a cat during a loud thunderstorm you should be fine).

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