How to wear thongs and do they hurt?

How do you where a thong?

Answer #1

Step By Step guide to wearing a thong (wikihow) Lol:

  1. Buy your first thong. Look for something that’s simple and comfortable. Avoid lace this time (it can be itchy). Instead, look for a nice plain cotton thong or a seamless microfiber one.

  2. Bring it home. Don’t try a thong for the first time in an unfamiliar place, as this could make you self-conscious. Wear it for an hour or so then take it off, the next day, wear it for 3 hours. Work up to wearing it for a whole day.

  3. Open to expose the interior with leg holes open, and lay it on your floor, with the bum strap pointing towards you (as it would go on your body)

  4. Step into the leg holes and pull them up.

  5. Adjust the front side until it is at a comfortable height and pull up the backside until the bum strap lays flat against your backside.

  6. The tricky part is to get used to the fact that part of the underwear will be wedged between your cheeks. It should not feel tight and cutting, but lay smoothly.

7)Buy more thongs to wear for each day of the week.

8)After a month or so of wearing thongs every day, you will become so comfortable with your thong and no other style of underpants will do.

Good Luck ;)

Answer #2

Thanks every1 that answerd this question it really helpd I just bought my 1st one yesterday and your right it does take some time : )

Answer #3

They are a bit uncomfortable at first, I remember I thought they were so uncomfortable until I started wearing them more. You cant expect to like wearing them right away, it takes some getting used to. You just put it on like you would any other kind of panties.

Answer #4

ok I’m an expert on this… LOL joke the answer to your question is no they do not hurt(if they did I wouldn’t wear them!) I wear them all the time but some people only wear them when they have to wear fancy dresses or tight pants so basically thats it hope I helped xoxo <3

Answer #5

r you 4 real there just a pair of knickers just put them on. as 4 do they hurt the answer is no but some people night think there un comfortable some think there great just about preference thats all

Answer #6

your sick tacoputa4

Answer #7

Well-just put them on. After a few hours you dont even feel it.


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