wats the most embarassing thing you have done in front of your cru

whats the most embarrasing thing you have done in front of your crush??

  I have prank called him and told him all the rules 2 my favorite board game and then hung up!! then the next day he told me he has caller ID... :(
Answer #1

ok well I fell out of my chair and hit the floor, then I hit my head on the music stand,then tripped on my way to my band lock (right next to his) and my pants were a lil loose and so you saw my awesome hello kitty undies,then I hit my head on the band locker cause he scared me when he said “nice undies”, and then I tripped over a percussion instrument, then I hit the chair (ran into) and knocked the stand over and made a chain of falling stands, and finally I tripped over a table leg walkig and fell right on him oh yeah all in a couple of munites xD I did this beauty packing up my instrument and walking to lunch im extremely clumsy incase you havent caught on Dx xD

Answer #2

got really drunk and fell down the stairs, lol

Answer #3

Accidently got my gum on his face

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