What's the most special thing you've done on Valentine's?

Hi, just wanted to know, what would be the most romantinc/special thing you have ever done for the one you love?

hope you all have a great valentines day (if you celebrate)

Answer #1

Well last year my boyfriend made me this huge card with my picture on the front of it and it said “will you be my valentine?” and when I opened it I didn’t notice that it was like taped to this box and mt boyfriend jumped out of it I was so cute and it scared me a little lol

Answer #2

Hmm.. well I havn’t really done anything that romantic on valentines.. But last year I was on holiday in Jamaica. It was fabulous..I made friends with some of the locals and they took me to the local clubs…during the day we hung out on the beach. In the evening my boyfriend from back home in London called me and we had a long chat about how we couldn’t be together on valentines.

Not really celebrating valentines this year..I might go out with mates later though :)

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