Does black eyeliner make your eyes look smaller?

Does black eyeliner make your eyes look smaller? And also, does mascara really make that big a difference?

Answer #1

not really, it can on some people though. but eyeliner makes the eyes stand out more. and mascara opens them up. mascara can change the whole look of your face actually!…its great!! haha

Answer #2

Yes it will make your eyes look smaller if you line both the top and bottom eyelashes…I absolutely LOVE mascara because it gives more definition to your eyes and makes them pop!!

Answer #3

no it makes them stand out more!!! mascara curles and lengthens your lashes, so yes it does!

Answer #4

No, I wear black eyeliner non the top and bottom and it makes it look a lot better(: mascara DOES make a diffrence. try it out. black isnt ment for all people if you have blonde or red eyelases BLACK IS NOT MENT FOR YOUU

Answer #5

Nope, just makes them stand out.

Answer #6

Um is there a reason why our answers are getting marked down when they are legitimate advice?

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