Anyone hear about this Texas shooting?

Ya was watching the news the other day and it had me laughing. this crazy texan calls 911 to say his neighbors house is being burglarized. doesn’t even know the neighbors either. as he talking to the 911 operator and he says “ I have a rifle, you want me to take care of em” operator said no and the texan argued with him for a little bit. then you hear him say im going out there. and now you can hear this over the tape. the texan yells at the two guys, move and your dead, followed 1 second later by 3 gun shots,one after the other. so apparently after he yelled the two illegal immigrants tried to run and he shot em both in the back. and nows theres a contraversy on pressing charges. how do you feel about what happend. I say it was justified personally, but the law is different.

Answer #1

You have to understand that Texas is a little different from most places.

It most places you are required to retreat when possible rather than use deadly force. In Texas there is no requirement to flee from a situation when possible before using deadly force.

In most places you can only legally use deadly force when your life is in danger. In Texas you are justified using deadly force to protect your property even when no lives are in danger.

The only reason there is any controversy over the case is because the shooter shot burglers who stealing his neighbor’s stuff. Some say Texas law only allows you to shoot someone stealing your stuff, not a neighbor’s. I guess the courts will decide.

The fronteer mentality is still strong in Texas.

Answer #2

please tell me how you justify shooting two people in the back that arent causing you any harm. yeah I know they were staeling but you said they ran right so let them run and get away with nothing…or hell let the police “handle” it(of course somethimes they are no help either) but you dont just shoot two people in the back

Answer #3

gotta love those texas laws…

well, I think the government spends too much time dabbling in the little issues, when we have bigger things to worry about.

if they were illegal immigrants… they shouldnt have been in the state to begin with.. and they were stealing… its their own faults that they got shot.

Answer #4

If it can be shown they were there legally, or that he shot them in the back while they were running away, he will be probably be charged with murder.

However, the fact that it was night and they were involved in a burglary, gives him a legal right to shoot in Texas. It puts a strong burden of proof on the prosecutors to prove that he acted maliciously or wrecklessly.

That’s how the law works in Texas, and I don’t disagree with it. I’m not going to shed a tear over the death of a couple of burglers.

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