Should I tell my friend she smells like fish?

Ok my 1of my best friends sumtimes smells like fish…an every can smell it but day don’t know its her…I dont want her walkin around smellin like that…shud I tell her? How shu I say it?

Answer #1

Well if you can believe this. There is a rare disorder called fish odor sydrome You should very privately and caringly tell your friend. Since this is toted as a rare disorder I am inclined to think this might just be a hygiene issue.

Trying to cover odors with perfume are not the answer. That would be like chewing gum or using breathe mints to cover up bad breathe odors instead of brushing your teeth!

Perhaps start out by telling your friend how much you value their friendship and how you would want them to tell you of issues they had with you! Then tell her of the one thing that you have noticed and that you don’t want to embarrass her or anything. I have a chronic runny nose so I have asked my spouse to just call my attention to the issue by a que. I don’t want to be embarrassed nor do I want to him to be embarrassed for me.

Bottom line is tell your friend! Wouldn’t you want your friend to tell you? There is a golden rule out there: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Answer #2

It is a hard thing to tell someone.. but if you are a real friend you’d tell her! :) It could be for any number of reasons.. but just tell her to make sure she washes properly each day! and yeh! dont tell her she smells like “fish” , its a bit harsh! x

Answer #3

dont get her any purfume to mask the smell…just tell her that you can smell her sometimes and its kind of strong, and your pretty sure other people could to and she should wash a little better down there more often

Answer #4

uhh , I’d say tell her she smells like fish , be harsh ? no , tell her straight up , she cant get mad at you for telling her something for her own good you know ?

if it was me , and I smelled like fish , id be like happy if my friend told me , so I could relize , and do something about it .

Answer #5

wow is there really a disorder like that???

but, maybe you twocan go shopping, maybe pick out some nice perfume for her, you know, secretly spritz some on her, see if she lies it?? you know what im sayin’?

Answer #6

She might be suffering from ‘Fish Odor Syndrome’. Yes, it’s a real disorder! There’s no permanent cure for it, but avoiding certain foods and other small treatments can help alleviate the smell a bit. If you can, maybe you can tell her mom about it. A visit to the doctor would help to see if it’s any other problem.

Answer #7

you should pull your friend to the side and say “ I dont mean to hurt your feelings but sometimes you smell like fish” my mom told me that that could sometimes mean that she could have a yeast infection and that anyone who smell like that should go see a doctor.

Answer #8

Maybe but I would be kind of mean. Go with the prefume, and go “This stuff smells so nice!” and if she does say “nice job!” But dont just go “You smell like fish” It would hurt her feelings.

Answer #9

When you’ll go shopping and you walk by perfume, smell it, make sure it smells GOOD then spray it all over her and be like “Doesnt this smell AMAZING?!”

Answer #10

A true friend looks after her friends best interests - she needs to know good and bad - you don’t want her to be out somewhere and get really embarassed, because you care…Take care !!

Answer #11

I’d say if it’s a Hygiene issue and I didn’t know that fish odor syndrom is really a medical condition. If I were in her shoes, I’d say, tell her. That’s what I’d want you to do if I had that problem. You too could go shopping and buy some toiletries along with perfume. Tell her nicely and see how she reacts to it. If that doesn’t work, I’d recomend talking to her mom and have her mom take her to the doctor and see what he can do. It’s something that the body has a problem with. If her doctor says it’s a disorder or a Hygiene problem, he’ll recomend something. Just tell her nicely without affending her. And like I mentioned go shopping for toiletries. My favorite place for that would be Wall Mart.

Answer #12

say “ummm, it sorta smells like a russian fish market in here an im sorry to say it’s u”:(

Answer #13

I would take her shopping and try different perfumes for ‘fun’ and then get the one she likes for christmas for her (:

Answer #14

That’s a hard thing to tell someone - buy her some perfume?

Answer #15

well if I smelled like that I would want you 2 tell me.. sooo yea! lol! tell her! in a nice way!

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