How do you wash eyeliner off your waterline?

Answer #1

I just run a clean finger on my waterline and that removes as much as possible and pushes any that I didn’t get off into my eyelash area. Then when I use make up remover or a make up wipe to remove my mascara the leftover eyeliner comes with

Answer #2

eye makeup remover.

Answer #3

Clean & Clear facial cleansing wipes are safe for use around the eye area. I use them to remove my makeup and find that they work very well. They don’t irritate your eyes and they’re safe for contact lens wearers.

You shouldn’t be applying eyeliner to your waterline, since it can get into your eyes and be very irritating, sometimes even scratching them. But sometimes a bit gets stuck in that area after wearing it all day. When this happens, I usually peel my eyelid back slightly and gently remove the eyeliner with a Clean & Clear wipe. I assume you could also do this with a clean, damp finger.

Also, the better quality eyeliner you wear, the less it will move around or smear during the day. I use Revlon Colorstay eyeliner, and it stays in place all day. I can even cry and it won’t run or smear at all. :) It’s a bit expensive, about $7, but it lasts a long time.

Answer #4

I usually use a damp q-tip . It works for me ! (:

Answer #5

I wouldn’t advise using a q-tip. The cotton fibres are not safe to put in your eye.

Answer #6

Yeah, q-tips or cotton balls can shed fibers that can get in your eye and be really irritating. They’re thin and hard to see, so it’s really hard to get them out. I tried this once, and never again!

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