Was it a good idea for me to get saved

Was it a good idea for me to get saved or should I just have waited

Answer #1

A person needs to be saved as soon as possible for many reasons but maybe the main one: you’re not guaranteed tomorrow or the next 5 minutes !!

Answer #2

it was THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION OF YOUR LIFE!!! im so glad you got saved. welcome to the family :) if you ever have any questions then just ask me.

Answer #3

If you regret it, then it wasn’t a good idea. If you don’t, then it was. It isn’t complicated.

Answer #4

This is wonderful…everyone on the board, is in agreement !!!

Praise God…

And in answer to your question, I agree totally with what others have posted. We are not promised a tommorrow. Yesterday is gone. We have today. That is why it is called The Present…

Apparently God touched your heart, and called you, or you wouldn’t have responded.

The bible says that we can’t come to him, unless the spirit draws us.

So, you came, because he called.

You answered.

Good for you.

Your name is written down in heaven.

In the Lambs Book of Life.

Jesus says that nothing can pluck you from his hand.

There is great joy in that statement, and in knowing that he will hold you, and keep you, and see you thru. whatever life may hold for you.

And like Floss says, what you do now, is powerful important.

You are a new babe in Christ, and must receive adequate nourishment, to thrive and be healthy.

We are just like babes, when we first come to Christ.

And must be cared for.

Do you have a fellowship of believers, that you can be a part of, that will love you, and teach and train you, and help you to grow spiritually?

This is very important.

Also, I would reccomend that you try to read at least one chapter per day, from your bible. Pray, before reading, and ask God to speak to you, thru what you read, ask him to help you to understand it, and to receive it in the right spirit.

There is much joy to be found in meeting with God in his word.

He will teach you and train you, from that word.

God be with you, and if there is anything that I can ever do to be of help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Answer #5

it was sure the best choice I have ever made in my entire life, and I really hope that it changes your life like it has changed mine. im so proud of you for making such a big and life changing decision :)

Answer #6

It was the best choice you’ve ever made. There are many things to learn from here. If you have any questions fun mail me

Answer #7

It is the best idea. I got saved a few years ago, and I am happy now that I have been saved.

God Bless That was a good desicion.

Answer #8

I think it was a great idea but remember that getting saved is a beginning, not an end. The question is, what are you going to do next? How is this going to change your life for the better?

Very best wishes and prayers.

Answer #9

Its the best choice you could have ever made in your life, and the most important. The Angles are rejoicing now

Answer #10

It’s a personal choice if you felt it was right, then good for you. :)

Answer #11

Its the best choice you could have ever made in your life, and the most important. The Angles are rejoicing now

Answer #12

I agree with everyone above, including if you ever have any questions dont hesitate to ask. goodjob!

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