How do you live a saved but fun life?

This is for christians only. I got saved a few years back I repented but didnt get dipped in the water and evrything. Does thats till count as being saved? Do I have to get resaved if I was being out in the world after I got saved? And hoow do you live a saved life but also have fun too? And do I have to give up rock to live holy? Because I lo0ve rock music. So whats yoyr answers?

Answer #1

you don’t have to give up rock music. I’ve been a christian and I’ve loved rock music :D just make sure that you know what the words are. if you feel they’re saying a really bad message, you can still listen to it but don’t get so involved in the song that you actually start to believe it, because it’s dangerous.

the bible actually shows you a lot about life, and teaches you things to help you through it. life is fun, as long as you apply these teachings to your life :)

Answer #2

There is a christian course called the Alpha Course. Find a church that presents this course and all your questions will be answered.

Answer #3

god didnt put people on earth just so we could all be the same. as far as im concerned, you can be saved as many times as you want. to live a saved life? live a life that makes you happy. live a life without having to have the use of sin. live a life you think you should.

Answer #4

Saved??? Um you mean you asked to be forgiven, but that doesn’t mean that your saved nor does you being baptized. You are saved by believing in Christ’s resurrection. You don’t have to give up rock, but if you listen to death metal that talk about paying to devil (I listen to rock, metal, some death and speed metal by the way and I know not all talk about that) then you shouldn’t listen to that. Dude you don’t have to be a Ned Flanders to be a Christian or to be saved. Remember you must ask for forgiveness to be forgiven for your sins and believe in the resurrection to live eternally. You’re able to live because Christ lived after his death. That’s why the man who was on the cross next to Jesus was saved, the bible doesn’t talk about him being baptized you just know he was a criminal (a sinner) but he believed in Jesus and that he would be risen from the dead. That criminal was saved (his soul went to heaven) for his faith in the resurrection. But you should try to live a good life as much as you can, but if you fall then you’ll be forgiven when you ask to be. oh and must “Christian” rock bands blow.

Answer #5

Well if by getting dipped in water you mean baptised as far as I know you are not a true christian unless you are christened .. so maybe you should consider getting dipped in the water as you put it … about the hole going astray thing everyone makes mistakes but if you are starting out by planning on making mistakes its not a very good start is it ?? Xo:)

Answer #6

well for the first part if you are unsure about such improtant things mabey look up answers int he Bible, the bibe is there for us to use and help us grow spirtualy. If you don’t know where to look mabey you can ask your pastor, or your parents if they are saved. Even the Lord him slef in prayer can help you with this. Ask him to reveal a way to you that you can not be lonely and bored all the time and help you with ideas. I am a Christin and listin to rock music. I find nothing wrong wiht it. But there are also christian rock bands too. such as Red, Skillet, flyleaf, im sorry I cant think of others right now. and for the first part of your questiononce you are saved by understanding that Jesus has dies for our sins and he is the one and only way to our Lord, then you are saved forever, you may go asrtay sometimes but no one is perfect. the Lord is love, if you are truly sorry about what it is that lead you astreay he will show you his love for you.

hope this helped some, but maninly what I hope you got form this is to start off in the Bible, it really will help

Answer #7

Once you are saved, your saved. You don’t have to be baptized to be saved either. You can live your life, and no one is perfect either. So just live your life, but think about what you do before you do it. Don’t do anything that has to do with killing or anything like that, but I’m pretty sure you know that. I hope I helped at least a little.

  • Advice Girl, (:
Answer #8

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be Saved There are no rules, regulations, or formulas, you just believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and thats about it :) Just go about living and enjoying your life, after all Jesus said He came that you may have and enjoy your life and have it in abundance (to the full until it overflows) God knew your flaws when you called you into a relationship with Him; He knows the beginning from the end and knows how your life plays out and so you are no surprise to God. I’m not saying do whatever you want, but abide in the Word (essence of God’s logic)and Wake up each day with your annoiting and love for Jesus, and have enjoy the Kingdom that Jesus died to give you. One more thing, Rock music…Rocks!!!

Answer #9

When you say “I’m a Christian,” I’m assuming you mean that you believe that you are a sinner, and that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save you. because…I’m a Christian, and that’s the ONLY way to heaven. Ephesians 2:8-9 say that the only way to heaven is “by grace through faith”…plus nothing, minus nothing. You don’t need to get baptized in order to get saved. Baptism simply Shows that you are not ashamed of your salvation, but it’s a commandment God gave. Also, if you got genuinely saved once, you CANNOT lose your salvation. There’s a verse that says that no one can pluck you out of your Father’s hands. :) As to the matter of rock music, the Bible says to avoid all appearances of evil. When you think of rock, do you automatically think of God, living for Him, honoring Him??…I don’t think so.. Anywho, read your Bible.It has the best advice anyone could ever give you..hoped I helped :D

Answer #10

Will let’s start with “Belief/Faith”is a very important start in Religion,if you know that we just didn’t pop up out of the blue you got that going for you,right,now you must believe in JESUS and read the Holy Bible and this book well keep you out of Trouble,now you go to Church and listen to other LIGHT BEARER’s like myself and get In-You-Window’s aswell to help you along your way,then you get Baptized which by the way only bring’s you closer and you wan’t to live for JESUS.Note:The younger you our the harder it is to stay faithful,you must stay away from bad ideal’s and people who present them to you,go with your self conscience it is usually right.No one said it is easy. All this is for a reason,the Holy Bible is here for a reason,please don’t give up and be Wise about who you associate with aswell.Good luck, A Light Bearer,Robert.

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