Wanking.. good or bad?

Is having a pull at a daily rate bad or good? sometimes id have about 4 a day will I die?

Answer #1

4 times in a day??? You must have one hell of a strong wrist. Don’t worry, Bruce Lee said it’s a man’s deadliest weapon.

Oh, and wash hands before you greet people.

Answer #2

dont worry its perfectly normal and you cant die from masterbating its healthy, almost everyone does it theres nothing to worry about!

Answer #3

hahahahahahaha theres nothing wrong with it its normal hahaha sorry this just cracked me up

Answer #4

its ok. have a jolly good time

Answer #5

it makes you sensitive to sunlight gives you backpains and damages blood supply to penis dont over do it 2 a week is ok

Answer #6

I wank 5 some day plas I have girl friend

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