Why is it bad to wank ?

I'm 13 year old boy and wanks like twice a day some of my mates have told me it's bad to wank I was wondering if it really was ?

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Though twice a day is a bit much, it's certainly not abnormal!
It's not bad for you, and it doesn't make you bad for doing it.

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Nah, it's absolutely fine! Don't worry, it's a perfectly normal and natural way to experiment with your body and will help you to get to know yourself. Everybody does it (and those who say they don't are lying!)

As long as it doesn't become too much of a preoccupation, what you're doing is perfeclty ok.


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its kind of wack. I stop long ago I realise after the exp I dont feel any better. better to do something worth your while. by the way you loose zince\ which protects from prostate Cancer.

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No its actually healthy for you.

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