How to clean my computer system of this virus?

Okay I run avast anti virus which is updated regulary - but for some reason it slipped up and I got some worms and trojans and because of this when I double click either hard drive in My Computer it used to open it in a brand new window but now it opens up one of those ‘what program do you want to use to open this program” dialogues…

anyone know any applications I could use to clean my system and undo any errors that this virus has caused? I still don’t even know if I’ve managed to get rid of them all and I cannot afford to reformat my computer at this point.


Answer #1

Trojans are a B*CH. Really, all you can do, once it has infected your system, is to re-install your (operating system). I know of like 12 of the best Anti-Spyware programs, and they can’t get rid of trojans. Trust me, jsut take the file folder labeled “My Documents” and either put it on a flash drive or an external hard drive, and re-install your os.

Answer #2

Well unfortunately not all AV programs clean all trojans & such. You need a spyware program like Xoftspy which I use it will clean your computer of trojans that can cripple your comp the same as a regular virus.

Answer #3

buy Norton 360 - it will find and solve the proablem of viruses.

Answer #4

awww thanks all!!! Xoftsoft has worked pwetty well for me so far, about to try to Lavasoft.

However I still have the problem of my HDDs opening in new windows… =(

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