Why did Vincent van Gogh cut his ear off and how did he die?

Answer #1

Van Gogh died by walking into a field and shooting himself in the chest with a revolver. Apparently he cut off the lower part of his left ear to give to a prostitute named Rachel.

Answer #2

Whaaaaaaattt omg, he shot himself wow. You learn something new everyday.

Answer #3

that’s what i say. lol and apparently he was a very depressing guy

Answer #4

and was he a writer….?

Answer #5

no he was an artist

Answer #6

ooooh okay, wow i wonder if maybe he was doing sometype of d.rugs. or maybe his art wasnt selling well. hmmm

Answer #7

i heard it was because the prostitute named Rachel that he was in love with rejected him and hi s gift of his ear

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