What is a viewfinder?

To do with digital cameras..

Answer #1

It’s the little window you look through when taking a picture….most people use the LCD screen though.

Answer #2

Not all digital cameras actually even have viewfinders these days. A viewfinder is the little hole one would look through when taking a photograph. Now, viewfinders have been replaced with a whole screen. Some (more professional) cameras still have viewfinders though, and they also have the screen.

Answer #3

Whoa, I just realized I don’t even know if my camera has one haha

Answer #4

technically in most modern cameras if they have a “viewfinder” then tend to be an LCD screen unless its an SLR or a proper D-SLR :P


Answer #5

old school… i remember when i had a camera and you had to stick this big film in it and wind it before each pic lol

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