Cost of my broken camera?

I have this Canon PowerShot SD600 Digital ELPH Camera and it broke, like half of the screen is black and its not the lens or nothing its something inside.Do you have any idea how much the cost of fixing this camera will be or am I better off buying another one??

Answer #1

Luckily your camera has an optical viewfinder so you can continue to use it without a screen if you finances do not allow you to buy another camera.

Replacing the screen on your camera isn’t going to be cheap and your camera is available for < $200 now so I’d follow trizzella’s advice and just buy a new camera.

You could use this as an excuse to upgrade, that’s what I do when I have a problem with my camera. Digital cameras are usually obsolete by the time they break or break down these days.

Answer #2

Just buy a new one, in my opinion. I have that same camera.

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