videos to mp4 player

I was given an mp4 player by a friend, it works great, I can sync music, and even pics, but when I sync a video to it it syncs but does not show up in the video/movies section, it just says “empty disk!” what format does the video have to be in and how do I get it from my comp. to my mp4?,

if it helps this mp4 looks like the ipod …nano I think, and the firmware version is bksd91nb22_30

Answer #1

the video has to be an mp4 file the name video files that go into psp’s and ipods

Answer #2

get a video converter…

convert almost any file type to the one you want

I;ve used Videora it works pretty good…simple easy to use! and should work for your situation

Free Download:

Answer #3

find out what formats your mp4 accepts. and then download a video converter to convert the format.

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