Do I need software to put videos onto my MP4 player?

is there any way of putting videos on to my mp4 player (creative zen neeon 2) through media player or do I need a certain type of software?


Answer #1

its relatively easy. you can either download mpg files from lime wire and other simular programs then run windows media player(11) click sync then drag the file you would like to up load to your mp4 from lime wore into the sync area on windows media player or you can install the creative zen media program from the disc that comes with the mp4 player and the rest is pretty self explanitory

Answer #2

did u get videos on it?

Answer #3

EEP I had that mp4. the screen cracked XD

Answer #4

it is very easy if you have a converter. just convert any format to mp4.

Answer #5

you can use a media player that supports all formats.

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