Does anyone else get the vibe that Apollo and Artemis had an incestous relationship?

Answer #1

Maybe, they are the best kind. I believe that Cronos ate his children in fear of a prophecy of usurpation, except Zeus who escaped that fate and later made him regurgitate them by a punch in the stomach, and Aphrodite was created when Zeus cut off cronos’ testicles with a sickle and threw them into the ocean. Incest isn’t that far a step from self-progeny.

Answer #2

The Greek God were notorious for incestual behaviour, but Artemis was a virgin Goddess and do not enjoy the company of any man, mortal or God.

Answer #3

Yeah I get that, but it wouldnt stop her from falling in love. Remember Orion?

Answer #4

nah Artemis is way too cool for Apollo, plus she was a virgin goddess. Instead I would propose that Apollo is gay. :)

Answer #5

You are all right until you mentioned that Zeus crestaed Cronos. I beleive that was Cronos who crestated Uranus which was his father (Zeus grandfather) Zeus then overthrew his father and ruled the Olympians (Cronos ruled the Titans)

Answer #6

Nobody suggeted Zeus created Cronos dude, Cronos was the father to Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. Uranus was father to Cronos and suffered castration and usurpation by his son, a fate which he shared with Cronos. Cronos did not lead the Titans, but instigated their revolt against the Olympians.

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