What's a list of things vegetarians eat?

Hi…could you give me a list of things veggies eat?

please && thanx!


Answer #1

0h that so neat!!!

Answer #2

Hey I think ALMONDS is a great night time snack!!! is there any other foods that you can get in a lunch for lots of protien??

Answer #3

No..lol. Once you choose a vegetarian lifestyle or atleast eat better, you won’t have to worry about pimples or zits. Trust me..my skin has a great skin when I eat the proper foods and drink lots, and lots of H2O

Answer #4

My pleasure…

We’ll right now I am eating natural whole almonds. They are the perfect late night snack. I just came from the health food store and I purchased: beans (kidney and chickpeas), spinach, broccoli, soymilk, instant oatmeal, peanut butter, olive oil, whole wheat bread and rice,oranges, apples, and frozen berries. You can also buy soy products made by “Morning Star”. They have all kinds of tasty foods. I live by them! I have been doing a sort a health regime so I havn’t had any of there product ina few weeks. Don’t forget the water and green herbal tea. Tofu is also good, but you have to learn how to cook it.

I hope that helped. You are on your way to a heathier you!

Answer #5

Thanx for the advice!

But don’t almonds give you zits or pimblessumthin like that!

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