Can i use veet sensitive skin hair removal cream on my testicles?

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I dont recommend it. Hair removal creams no matter if they say sensative or not, contain harsh chemicals and your testicals are extrememly sensative. Its not worth risking a chemical burn, rash, or pain.

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duuudeee dont do it!! I used that on my LEGS and it burned nevermind putting it down there. plus the smell is so trong and overpowering it makes you wanna puke.

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Noooooooooo definitely don't. It SAYS it's for sensitive skin >.> but it could still irritate it, and I've use that stuff on my legs before and it hurt D: don't do it!

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thanks so much

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I have heard of horror stories from guys trying that. Veet just used on non-sensitive area can cause serious burns. My sister had to be rushed to a hospital because her legs started bleeding and she doesn't even have sensitive skin. Rather go for a wax or use a razor. It's much easier preventing razor rash than having to restore...ummm... your family jewls in any other way.

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NEVER EVER use hair removal cream! dont ever try on your legs it BURNS LIKE HELL. Veet also smells really bad. You sure as hell should not use it on your testicles.

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well it wouldent do no harm probably safer than shaving because when you shave you could cut yourself down there i use it myself down below and i ahve no problems just put cold water on there afterwards

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