How well does hair removal cream from veet work?

I just bought veet hair removal cream for t he first time and I was wondering what other people think of it
or is there a better way to well remove unwanted hairs
and where is the best place to test the cream when using it for the first time??

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it works very well ,but the thing is your hair will start growing 2 days after ,but if you use wax the hair will take a good while to start growing again .. wax hurts,but its worth it .. using cream can cause burning only if you applied the cream on a cut skin or maybe if your skin is too sensitive . always test it before hand and when trying to get the cream off dont rub too hard because it will hurt and mabye cut your skin and the cream around the cut area will start to burn! good luck (: x

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I tried a small bit on my arm, and I had the sensitive one (my skin reacts to most things) and it worked quite well. However I got a bit bored of having to wait 5 - 10 minutes before it worked, so I strated using razors :)
Hope this helps :)

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it really does work.. it only burns if you have sensitive skin cause I use it and nair all the time and they dont burn me... the first time you use it dont leave it on the full itme though cause that may cause it to burn you.. test it someplace where it wont be seen if it does burn you but it also wont rub to bad when you wear clothes

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It does work.. But from experience its not worth it. It burns and smells really bad.

How well does Veet work?

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