Are vampires real?

Are vampires real?

Answer #1

Yea, I am one Muahhh ;) Seriously, I have no idea.

Answer #2

It depends. It has never been proven that they are or aren’t. So there is always the possibility. If you like the idea of there being vampires, beleive. If you’re frightened by this thought, drill into your head they don’t exist.


Answer #3

in my imagination they r, and in the Twilight Series, which I love, lol. seriously, anything is possible, so maybe.

Answer #4

nope I don’t think so…

Answer #5

nope they are not real /

Answer #6

I doubt it no

Answer #7


Answer #8

I think so… But people also think I am silly for believing in ghosts.

Answer #9

No, of course not.

Answer #10


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