How do you know vampires are real?

For all those people on here who been have taking about vampires like their real, how do you know their real? Im actually curious as to how you know bout them. have you had experiences with them? If you dont belive in them dont bother writing anything because that not wot Im looking for. I wanna know if anyone has any proof to their existence

Answer #1

Vampires aren’t real

Answer #2

of corse no one has proof of there esistance because they DONT exist people who say they do probably just know some delusional person who drinks there own blood the only “vampires” were people who hundreds of years ago, went around murdering people and drinking there blood either from a cup or straight from there bodies these people are what vampires today are based on all the other bullsh*t like there all gothic looking hate sunlight have fangs bite you on the neck live forever turn into a bat can fly all that crap was made up by the media to make people watch them in movies but theres always been sick people who copy what they see so today there are still delusion kids and adults who go around either killing people to drink there blood, or drinking there own blood or there friends and these people are not vampires, they just took there obsession to far there are lots of vampire cults as well one which was recently exposed in a dolly magazine were young kids used old re-used razorblades to cut themselves and theyd drink each others blood, avoid sunlight, ect those people arnt vampires either just delusional kids who take there obsession too far

Answer #3

When u’ve been bit. Don’t call me insane I’m not! I have been bit so many times you can’t count them all even in both hands. Yeah u’d think I’d find a way to make them stop wing me or would b smart enough to stay in doors at night but to tell you the truth it’s kinda fun to be bit.

Answer #4

blackroseblood… ha ha, very funny… get in touch with reality, vampires arent real… no biting no nothing, not real… but apparently someone has to tell blackroseblood that too…

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