Do you belive Vampires are real and why??

I want as many answers as possible so, ya. Do you belive Vampires are real and why?? Just wanna know.

Answer #1

yup as said above it would take a lot but if they do exist they must have adapted to having animal blood or reducing the quanity of human blood they have.

x ^.^

Answer #2

if by vampire you mean the traditional dracula then no its not scientifically possible blood isnt very nutritious a vampire of the average human size would have to suck roughly 52 gallons of blood a day while the human body contains 10 pints vampire would need to kill a lot of humans to survive which wouldnt go un noticed now vampire bats are real but they dont feed on humans

Answer #3

what do you mean by real? bloodsuckers with fangs who die in sunlight?

then no I don’t think they are real.

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