How do i smooth out rough skin on vagina due to shaving?

Hi I made the mistake of shaving my pubic hair and because it's very sensitive the area darkened. Also I notice that I have razor bumps that did not completely go away. It looks really rough instead of smooth like the rest of my skin. Now because of the reaction I started waxing and I get less irritation on my skin down there. Is there a type of surgery that I can get done to make it look nice.

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My boyfriend doesn't even look at my razor bumps. Its really pretty normal. They don't mind. They can tell the difference between razor bumps and sores. And they hardly look anyway, they're to busy thinking about other things.

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yeah I get a lot of razor bumps but don't itch it!!! you may say that you don't but you may do it unnoticingly. try pouring hot water on your razor and never shave without body wash or something ( I wouldn't recommend regular soap) and shave the way the hair is going first all around then light shave it the opposite way after most of the hair is gone

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ideal image or somethin like it and get the hair removed with a lazer. and yes, guys do notice if we shave up. and least mine does. he absolutely loves it too :)

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who do you want your private to look nice for??? as long as you have a hole and no sores that are spewing puss then no guy will notice unless you mention it, trust me lol surgery is a little extreme, and razor bumps that never went away?? doesnt sound like razor burn to me...mayber ingrown hairs??

Vagina shaving

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Some of us guys don't like the shaved look at all. ;)

Don't go for surgery or laser removal. It's more permanent than you might want. Waxing is a good way to go, really. If you prefer to shave, try a different shaving cream (a shaving oil or lotion can do a much smoother job) and make sure you use a decent razor (most disposables are far too rough for a sensitive job.)

There's a good chance you may just have too sensitive of skin for a razor, in which case waxing is your best bet.

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