When/ how often to shave?

I shave down there and every now and then, when the hair starts to grow out again I get the red bumps. It sucks really bad. Also I feel like I cant shave too often because it will leave more red bumps. any suggestions on how to shave like every other day or so and be "silky smooth"? I am not doing it just for the men, I personally like it smooth and clean down there. So...any suggestion?

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I've been shaving since I first got pubic hair lol. what I do is make sure I have shaving cream/ soap that moisturizes. and shave up really lightly, then shave downwards.. I hardly get bumps now. also, put lotion on afterwords, I do it for my legs too, it helps so you don't get the bumps :)

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Every tried waxing? Also you can get hair removing lotions and creams, they will be much better than shaving (don't want to nip the clit by accident lol).

Shaving irritates the skin, since its so sensitive donw there, you can expect it to be sore with shaving, plus as said the nickers do not help (but to go out with no nickers and a skirt, your asking for somone to notice lol).

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ladies ladies there is nothing wrong not wearing undies my obgyn once told me that the vagina has to breath so not wearing undies some times is good for u...and for your red bump yes your undies my rub up against you and cause red bumps...goodluck

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I get red bumps to, I found that I don't get them as often if I don't wear underwear once I've shaved. Some people think not wearing underwear if kinda gross, but it's a nice feeling sometimes. Because the underwear can rub against your bikini line which is usually where I get the bumps, so either don't wear underwear or wear underwear that doesn't rub against that part.

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