Useless notebooks

I have 4 notebooks that have no use at all and I want to use them for something but I can’t find what. Any ideas on what to do w/ them? One of my friends suggested charity, drawing on them, and making a pinata with them. But I found that useless so please don’t suggest these. Plus I want to keep my notebooks.

Answer #1

Emmm keep a diary maybe?? Adress books?? Or use them for school! =]

Answer #2

Depending on how old you are, you may be able to use them for school. If not this year, maybe next year. You could save them to write a list of to-do’s for the day, or grocery list. I am confused to a degree on why you HAVE to have something to do with them right now. Why don’t you just put them away and I am sure one day you will find a use for them.

Answer #3

poems/songs if you go to school or something, you and your friends can write down conversations in them make a collage of pictures from magazines ect like you favourite sport, celeb even helpful info that you might want to read later draw pictures or have one pageof a picture of something and the other page your drawing of it a diary ot writing down your thoughts, plans for the day use them to make lists of things to get, buy, do, ect put your ideas in them…things you want to do later or make, ect make paper planbes or origami with them write down recipies even

Answer #4

I draw in the unnecessary pages of my notebooks. Try that, or the other suggestions. They all make sense.

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