Life is Tough

Life is tough rite now ya know? I lost both my jobs in the beginning of january because of the horrible economy. And I’ve been living off unemployment since. And I feel so useless not working. Im the type of person that needs to work. I love working two jobs and always being busy. Waking up every day like its a saturday with nothing to do sucks so bad. Its tough but im getting through it. I bust my butt looking for a job everyday to pay for my schooling because im getting my helicopter license. But I guess I just needed to vent it off. Still so much I can say lol. Anyone got any good ideas to help deal with feeling like a bum everyday?

Answer #1

you could always go on websites and talk about your problems lol = ]… thats what I do… but im just to big of a puss to do anything ells… well this advice is kind of useless but I don’t know oh well

               good luck!
Answer #2

Look at voluntary or charity work to keep busy, learn new skills, give yourself a reason to feel good and also, there is always the chance that a paid job will be available in that fileld of work.


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