What is the usa doing about the situation in north and south korea?

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Lets hope not.
North Korea will OWN the US.
They are so brainwashed its unreal.

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You mean the place that is bankrupt and has no ability to engage in a war?

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For once the U.S. is not being the world police, why should they do anything? And you know, China is right next door. The U.S. would be stupid to get involved.

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i believe north koreans hate americans and even threathens to harm US if theyll be attacked. N.koreans are dangerous for their nuclear weapons program

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There is not going to be a war on the Korean Peninsular. Technically, the Korean war, of the early 1950s, never finished and both sides are likely to "have a go" at each other from time to time. The Administration in the North is dreadful at the moment, but it will get better when His Excellency Kim Jong-Il passes away and his son takes over. Both North, and South Korea want reunification and this will happen in the not too distant future.

I listen to the Voice of Korea every night and I hear Radio programs not dissimilar to those I heard when listening to the old Radio Peking back in the 1960s. Look where China is to-day. North Korea will be there in the future.

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Hmm, North Korean doesnt hate Americans, they hate their own people, that is, folks in South Korea.

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Irene, North Korea will never ever OWN America mate. Their people are the poorest nation in the world, their neighbour South Korean is very financially secure. I think if there is a way, North Korean will lose as all South Korean's allies will join force in the battle. Americans, Australian, British etc.

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I don't think North Korea has the balls to start a war with South Korean and have allies who support South Korea's fight against them, Yes, they do have missles that can land in Australia's soil, but do you really think they have the financially means to win a war against America, Australia, Great Britain, South Korea, Poland etc and etc....North Korea is only going to flex their muscles at South Korea and will never start a war.

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North Korea is doing one of two things here. Either it's trying to test the response of South Korea and it's allies, or it's trying to grab the world's attention in order to get political concessions. North Korea has done both of these before, although usually they get the world's attention with things like a nuclear test. What's interesting about this is that in the past, the North usually provokes the south with naval activity, such as sinking a South Korean ship last March. This time, it's on land, with artillery fire, killing two South Korean soldiers....and the South continues to bend. Few countries are as aware of North Korea's military capabilities as South Korea. If South Korea is going to allow incidents like this, I think it's a good indication that South Korea does not wish a war because it is simply too afraid of North Korea.

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why should america do anything, im sorry guys but im sick of america bullying and sticking there nose into other countries.

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