US or Canada?

I would like to move to somewhere in Canada or the US. any suggestions where is best for a young dude looking for some fun?


Answer #1

I say go USA everythings there, Canadas boring (2 live anyway) esspecial cus you wanna go clubing

Answer #2

u only have to be 18 to club in the us.ALYSSA619…u can move somewhere on the border get the best of both worlds good luck

Answer #3

If you want a really fabulous holiday, travel the Alaska Highway from Dawson Creek in British Columbia, Canada, through the Yukon, and into Alaska - it is wonderful. If you are moving, a lot of people like Vancouver, BC, although it is expensive.

Answer #4

lol im not looking for clubs mainly… just a nice place where there are a lot of people and a lively atmosphere.

I live in Australia and clubbing here is allowed from 18… so im not very desperate to club lol.

Answer #5

In canada I snuggest somewhere in the south… In the US i say, NOT newyork or NJew Orleans. because they are sinking slowly. Ask Colleen about the sinking. I say somewhere in the southeast in the US.

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