Are urologists allowed to be gay?

Answer #1

Why not? If Gynaecologists can be men or gay women, why can’t urologists be gay? It’s a profession, and it has no bearing on your sexual orientation.

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Answer #3

Urologist might be gay, but mine isn’t.

Answer #4

yes they are but am pretty sure it would be uncomfortable

Answer #5

Why? They are just doctors

Answer #6

Are they allowed to be gay? That is a rather odd question. I mean perhaps it would be better phrased as are gay men allowed to be urologists. And yes, most medical associations in developed countries do not discriminate based on sexual orientation. And oh yeah, they allow women urologists too. I must say this is one of the oddest questions I’ve ever seen.

Answer #7

How so?

Answer #8

beacuse most males wouldn’t want to be checked out by gay doctors

Answer #9

just because someone is gay does not mean they are attracted to every male that they see, the same with lesbians. as a straight woman, i am certainly NOT attracted to every man I see, and (I assume) neither are men.

Answer #10

okay i know that it was just a simple comment!

Answer #11

No. It really wasnt. Although everyone has been very polite about replying, so there’s no need to get upset.

Answer #12

yes it was

Answer #13

Well apparently some people seem to think ignorance is something that needs to be addressed.

Answer #14

Haha, although it didn’t answer the question…it was pretty funny. :P

Answer #15

think about it like this for a guy it most already be uncomfortable for another guy to see him/grab him done there and for some the fact that he’s gay might make it more uncomfortable like i said before it’s just a simple comment people took the wrong way

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