Would it be unfair to say to my boyfriend if I will not stay with u if u go overseas and what should I do ?

My boyfriend wants to join the army and go overseas to fight. But I don’t want him to because I don’t wanna be sitting at home wondering if he is dead or alive it would kill me. Everyone in my life has always left me. So I am scared. He told me he only wants to join to help make it a better place and feels this is a way he can make up for all his wrongs. He told me it is unfair by me making him choose but wouldn’t it be unfair to me as well .

Answer #1

kinda. i woud totally understand becuz thats probably wut i woud do but do u love this guy? coud u c your future being with him? if u woud dump him over this then u probably dont. u shoud try 2 think of it from his point of veiw.

Answer #2

You have to let him go hun….I am sorry that others have left you in the past …BUT….this guy will be coming back to you…You the girl he will be thinking of all the time,every night he is away….You the girl he has reason to write,call and come back to… and what all good men need to know when they feel down,that they are not alone…I am sure this guy will have more reason to want you than ever before once away from home,meaning a solid relationship that will last? To hold him back…fine if there is a plan B…..otherwise things like this do not seem to just go away if he is that serious about the army.

Answer #3

Just tell him how you feel. It is unfair for either of you to ask each other to do anything. Ultimately you have to make a joint decision about whether it is worth trying. In my opinion it is always worth giving things a go and setting a deadline (three to six months in?) where you will discuss how it is going for you both and if you want to continu. If you never try you will never know, but if you give up without trying you may regret it.

Just give it some thought and thing about what makes you not want to try- it is realistic to be scared about this. You could contact other army girlfriends via chat rooms though and can fill your life with new hobbies and friends, so his absence isn’t quite as hard. It is up to you at the end of the day though obviously :)

Answer #4

I just went through this same thing where I was unsure if i wanted my fiance to be in the marines but i let him do it because it was his dream. and me holding him back from what would make him happy and give him a steady job for at least the next 8 years would be selfish. the time you spend apart from him will allow you both to realize if youre meant to be or not, and most likely you will miss him more than anything and he will too. once he comes back he would be a changed man and for the better he will love you better than now and treat you better. you will be like his queen. the benefits of him doing this are amazing.

Answer #5

Thank you! Everybody for your help.

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